Christmas Tradition: Popovers for Breakfast

Here is the recipe from my 1943 edition of Fannie Farmer
I now ignore that "1/2 for 2" notation

cast iron "gem pan"
tip: put it in the oven while preheating

the ingredients are simple:
flour, salt, eggs, butter, milk

I mix it all in the blender

I wind up filling the cups about 2/3 full

here's how they look after 20 min @ 450˚

another 15 min @ 350˚ and they're done!

while waiting, I get out all the jams
this year's array, left to right:
Deborah's fig [too old to eat]
my Raspberry [killer]
my strawberry
Linda's + my Almond Brandy Plum
Linda's + my Plum
my Seville Marmalade from Roxanne + Ed's tree
my Mango
Trader Joe's Lemon Curd [oh, my]
Hill Orchards (RI) Apple Butter
Hash House (Las Vegas) Apple Butter [OMG]
Hash House (Las Vegas) Persimmon [insipid]
Loretta Lynn's (TN) Southern Peach Pecan [one of Sev's faves]
Vallee Blueberry [yum]

the table is set...



Another Lunar Eclipse

My eclipse viewing reminded of another similar moon viewing.
April 96, at The Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.
these are two separate sketches that I composited digitally
I'm considering framing them like this
they are wider but have termite holes in them

I sat in a van with Lawrence + Tex on top of a hill and scrutinized what transpired. Since it was a moonrise, rather than a moonset, it was easy to see the redness in the completely dark moon.
I sketched these the next day from memory.


moon for the misbegotten

Unless you've been living in a cave, you're aware that there was a full moon lunar eclipse this morning. I gathered up a bunch of cameras and embarked at 4:30 to see it at the beach. It was supposed to get all huge and red as it was setting and THAT I wanted to see.

some of the gear
yes, FILM!
Choosing which beach took some time. I opted for Playa Del Rey, but parking was tight - there were a bunch of cones set up blocking many of the spots. (Later I discovered it was for a film shoot of some sort).
I thought: PCH over Dockweiler - the higher angle might provide good shots with the palm trees in the foreground. I went and gave it a try:

It was a good angle, but I REALLY wanted to sit on the beach and hear the waves.
I went back to Playa Del Rey

the lifeguard shack made a good support when it was still dark

Of course I ran out the battery in the Lumix so I had to use my iPhone
The moon is a tiny speck in the next two shots

at this point, the moon was no longer visible.
I think it went behind some haze or clouds
I was slightly disappointed that I didn't see a giant orange orb set in the west. That, however, was vastly outweighed by the experience of sitting still on the beach, hearing the waves, watching the moon change, watching the sunrise...

I must go to the beach more often, I live so close.

The film shots will, of course, come later. Have to wait for the processing!


awesome oatmeal

I have come up with an oatmeal recipe that I'm happy with.

I use Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats
because they have more "tooth" 
the recipe works fine for rolled oats too 
oats, almond torani syrup, raw slivered almonds, dried tart cherries
makes 4 servings
use a large saucepan

1 cup oats
3 cup water
some salt
about 1/3 cup cherries (or other dried fruit)

put water + salt in pan and bring to boil
add oats, stir, lower heat to simmer
add cherries
simmer for 20 min uncovered, stirring occasionally

divide into 4 bowls

embellish with sweetner of choice, milk, nuts and coconut
(I am especially fond of the cherry/raw almond/ almond syrup combo)

tip: when cooking for one, divide the extra servings into containers and save for later. reheats in microwave nicely