Flora Confections

Flora Confections Blueberry/Pinot Noir Confiture
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Blueberry/Pinot Noir Confiture and TJ Greek Yogurt

My love of things Flora Confections is all-encompassing.
My first taste was of the P√Ęte de Fruit - jewels of intense fruitiness:
yes, I'm in the hospital here
They were one of the first things I ate post-surgery last June.
The nougat, the chocolates... I could go on and on.
If you live in Chicago, you are very lucky. You can purchase goodies at the Green City Market on Saturdays. I send The Enabler when he has gigs there and he brings it home. Mmmmmmm


date in santa monica

I'd been craving a return to BP Oysterette for a while and Severo had Sunday off, so we did a little jaunt to Santa Monica to be gluttons and walk the Promenade.
Our first stop was Yummy cupcakes - I needed to pick up a vanilla/vanilla to sketch for my cupcake series. We ended up with four, which we took back to the car.

We then walked down to BP Oysterette.
4pm is a great time to go --
nicely situated between lunch and dinner and no wait.
We sat at the bar so we could watch the action in the kitchen.
Here's what we ordered:
caesar salad
steamed clams, fries seasoned with Old Bay
steamed clams, lobster macaroni + cheese
brown butter apple tart with cinnamon ice cream
After all of that, we were in dire need of a postprandial walk. So we did a little exploring of Santa Monica Place and then up the Promenade.
Altogether, a very fun afternoon.

What about the cupcakes? you ask -- see Cupcake Safari for details!


a greek feast

The Enabler texted me from Papa Cristo's:
YUM! A great dinner! 

THEN he pulled out the desserts:
Greek Yogurt with Sour Cherries (no photo) 
Then these 
left: shortbread, right: soaked on orange syrup
Then these 
don't know name of these -- a pistachio, an almond and a walnut flavor
 The next day, I made this great sandwich with the leftovers
tabouli, greens sprouts, taramosalata, feta, onions

 It was so good I made another on Saturday. 

Tabouli in a sandwich might be carb overkill, but try it!