Flora Confections

Flora Confections Blueberry/Pinot Noir Confiture
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Blueberry/Pinot Noir Confiture and TJ Greek Yogurt

My love of things Flora Confections is all-encompassing.
My first taste was of the P√Ęte de Fruit - jewels of intense fruitiness:
yes, I'm in the hospital here
They were one of the first things I ate post-surgery last June.
The nougat, the chocolates... I could go on and on.
If you live in Chicago, you are very lucky. You can purchase goodies at the Green City Market on Saturdays. I send The Enabler when he has gigs there and he brings it home. Mmmmmmm


  1. very generous, anne! you're lucky to have an enabler but those who don't can order online @ www.floraconfections.com/order