Mapped: West LA, Lincoln Blvd Alternative

Southbound Lincoln Blvd, on the west side of Los Angeles, in the morning.
On it, your soul will die a small death.
Here's an alternative route, a little less stressful.

This is my submission to The Sketchbook Project's "Map Project | Secret Adventures".

The Sketchbook Project (formerly known as Art House) has lots of fun weekly projects going on now -- every Wednesday, they post a free "assignment". This week's is "Things Found... Under the Bed" which I'm joining in on. The deadline for sign up is 2/27/13.

They also have a new book coming out, chock full of things to get your creative juices flowing. You can pre-order it (with special added goodies!) here for $16.


The Scenarios of.. FAIL

"Just put yourself in this situation...
Have you ever been asked to consider what item you would bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island? How about the one object you feel tells your life's story? What about the face you imagine when you hear a certain word? This week's free project is all about putting yourself in a strange scenario that we've thought up and responding with an image, Sign up and we will send you the theme for this Scenario and instructions for submitting your images."
  Sketchbook Project Link

I got my scenario on 1/31...

"The scenario of this project is: You wake up to find that everything in your home is gone. Your books, furniture, pictures - even the nails they were hanging on, have all mysteriously vanished. You wander room to room before encountering one object - you're surprised it's the one thing remaining because it's not of great value, but it has a special significance only you would know about." 

Believe me, I thought about this for days (usually during my commute).


It was the "not of great value" part that stumped me.
That cancelled out art, jewelry, and of course I think ALL MY STUFF is valuable.
That's why I hold on to it, right?

 I missed the deadline (2/12).

OK, OK, here's something:

It's a wooden horse that my Grandfather carved for me.
I will now attempt to upload it...

Looks like it went through, although maybe too late to make it on their blog.


Gluttony in Chinatown [this post not for vegetarians]

Roxanne and I had a long draining day at Norris Keck Hospital.
A little gluttony in Chinatown was just what the doctor ordered!

We were apprehensive that, it being the Friday before Chinese New Year, it was going to be crazy. Not at all! When we saw all the available street parking, we knew it would be OK. While walking up Ord Street, we saw a busload of Chinese entering CBS Seafood. Most auspicious!
tanks of dinner await
the pictorial dim sum menu for us guilaos
pig delivery!!!!!!!
salted pepper shrimp -- my favorite
Roxanne saw the neighboring table with this, so we got it too:
crab with green onions and garlic
baby bok choi in garlic -- so cute and easy to pop in one's mouth!
shrimp dumpling with with leek
we are very happy!