Clutter Confidential: 12/31 Clutter Here, Clutter There, Everywhere a Clutter Clutter

Yes, I'm procrastinating on clearing the table. Maybe tomorrow. 

I ventured into the hall, because I'd knocked some of those papers onto the floor. 
Might as well clean it all up, rather than pick up the papers and put them back in a heap. 
It didn't take long at all! Easy one!
Some of the "papers" are actually my inventory of art show invite cards.
Back in the days before my gallery finally switched to email invites, I'd have to order 2000 cards.
The mailing list was 1300 or so -- a huge expense for the postage.
Yet another art career thing I'm not ready to trash.
For now, I stacked the cards neatly in the "dining" (really library and sewing) room.
There are more in a box buried in one of the closets.


  1. Those are lovely. I can see wy you want to keep them. Is framing a viable option? A card catalogue with a notation here and there about the shows and your memories would make an interesting memory object. I think it's important to honour personal history/herstory.

    1. Oh good grief -- Google has eaten my reply twice now. Third time's a charm, right?

      Thanks, Alana (and BIG thanks for your regular reading and commenting -- I really appreciate it!). You have some interesting ideas!