Clutter Confidential: 23/31 Skirting the Issue

This was starting to annoy me:
A halfway completed pile of items to list to sell on Poshmark. They had been heaped there for a week.
I've sketched and journaled my way to the end of the Moleskine book that I was using.
I'm now using a spiral-bound sketchbook for the sketches, and the backsides of a realtor freebie notepad for my journaling.
I figured an easy way to tackle the "5 minutes" declutter is to list a new item on Poshmark.
(I know, I keep going on and on about Poshmark. There's something about it I really enjoy, more so than Etsy.  Maybe it's the easy prepaid postage part. I haven't tried Ebay, so I don't know how it compares.)
I got the skirt listed. Yay me!

Chip away at it little by little, and the mountain will eventually be gone.
Another room, another pile.
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