Clutter Confidential: 24/31 Recipe for Success

This box filled with newspapers and whatnot has been parked under the table forever.
I spy another randomly placed photo album in there.
The photo album was empty. 
It got placed in the "photo corner". 

I thought the box might contain a pile of recipes. 
Yes, a few. 
Mostly, I found lots of 2013 unread newspapers (placed there during a mad cleanup, no doubt). 
Direct transport outside to the blue recycle bin.
Under that was a collection of magazines from 2009!
More trips to the blue bin.
I'll confess, not everything got sorted out of the box.
I put some items back in and moved it to the side of the living room.
I KNOW that's a bad idea.
I also know if I keep chipping away at the piles, bit by bit they'll erode.
I'm optimistic!
I know, I know -- it'd be better if that space under the table was empty.
That's my "tech" suitcase. It holds all the cables, chargers, and components that I could possibly need. No obsolete stuff.
If I move it now to where it belongs, I'll be tripping over it.

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