Clutter Confidential: 11/31 Photo Schlepping

I didn't sketch/declutter yesterday [I usually write/sketch/photograph my posts a day before publishing them]
I was unable to force/psyche myself into it. I touched/moved a scary crate of papers. I quickly put it back in its "place". Like the Wicked Witch trying to touch Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, the papers had a force field not to be reckoned with. 
[OK, maybe I'm getting a touch dramatic now].

Onward. A new day, full of energy and resolve.
Look, I spy some more errant photos in (yet another) box of papers.
My A-Z Southwest project really wreaked havoc in my "sorted" photographs. 
Sleeves of old photos are turning up in the strangest places.

I looked through the envelope that I found:
Ha! My "media center" in 1987. LPs, cassettes, a boombox, turntable, amp. And Elvis.
I got bold and went through the rest of the box.
Some further finds:
I love this album! Did I upload it to my iPod?
A bunch of  old "show and tell" items for my Digital Fashion Design class:
Native American Barbie sketch from 1993(?).
Flip side of the plastic sleeve has "beading" repeats and a photo of the doll prototype
Ahhhhhh! Empty space.
The papers all migrated to the table.
Guess I know today's declutter target.

Re: B-52's CD. 
Wonder where the CD went? I bet it's lost in Severo's man cave.
Good thing I checked. I was going to take it into work for ripping.

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