hatch chiles: part2

Severo brought home 10 more pounds of chiles and I have been "processing" them. Yesterday I grilled and froze most. (Added bonus: I cleaned up the porch.) Today I'm going to try a new Chile Jam recipe from "Small Batch Preserving". Will report back with results.


Chile Jam

here are the ingredients
Pepper Jam

set jars in 350 oven to sterlize, 10min
boil lids in small saucepan

16 uncooked peppers*, 8" long
1/2 cup lemon juice (2-3 lemons)
1 cup cider vinegar
6 cup sugar (use cane sugar)
6 oz (2 packets) liquid pectin

stem, seed + grind peppers (I use food processer)
mix with lemon, vinegar + sugar in LARGE stock pot
(needs room when it boils)

bring to rolling boil
boil 3-5 min
remove from heat, stir in pectin
cool slightly, put in jars
seal + invert

"makes 6 pints"
(I usually get 4)
may take 2 weeks to set

*peppers – can also use jalapenos – use 14 md jalapenos + 4 lg bell peppers

jars are inverted to create vacuum seal:
my friend Flora has a great post on myths of canning (boiling water baths, etc)




It's chile season and Severo obtained some Hatch, NM chiles @ work. Here is my technique for grilling and preserving them, learned from a neighbor in Pasadena (who had family in Hatch).

I use the gas grill (no chile roaster available). Grill until nicely charred - but not burnt:

then place serving size (I do 4) in a plastic bag (I use folding sandwich bags)
you don't need to peel off skin until ready to use!

then put bags into a gallon sized zip lock and store in the freezer...