Chile Jam

here are the ingredients
Pepper Jam

set jars in 350 oven to sterlize, 10min
boil lids in small saucepan

16 uncooked peppers*, 8" long
1/2 cup lemon juice (2-3 lemons)
1 cup cider vinegar
6 cup sugar (use cane sugar)
6 oz (2 packets) liquid pectin

stem, seed + grind peppers (I use food processer)
mix with lemon, vinegar + sugar in LARGE stock pot
(needs room when it boils)

bring to rolling boil
boil 3-5 min
remove from heat, stir in pectin
cool slightly, put in jars
seal + invert

"makes 6 pints"
(I usually get 4)
may take 2 weeks to set

*peppers – can also use jalapenos – use 14 md jalapenos + 4 lg bell peppers

jars are inverted to create vacuum seal:
my friend Flora has a great post on myths of canning (boiling water baths, etc)


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