gluttony on tour: day 7. Dinner at Al Forno, Providence, RI

Severo made the wise decision to postpone his departure to Newark until the evening. That way, he could join us for dinner at Al Forno and have less traffic on I-95.
clams Al Forno and marguerita pizza
duck legs
pasta with pea shoots
me, Patucci
Dewey joined us when dessert arrived and a beautiful sunset ensued
lemon cake with whip cream and citron
Mark, Dewey

gluttony on tour: day 7. Brunch at AS220, Providence, RI

AS220 is an arts/food collective located in downtown Providence. The owners have bought and rehabbed several buildings and now serve the community with a restaurant, a funded jukebox, a gallery space, artist studios, a letterpress/ silkscreen lab etc.

We concentrated on the foo(d).

grilled Italian sausage, peppers + mushrooms,
with cheddar cheese and garlic spread
(and maybe some eggs?)
mozzarella, tomato on baby greens


gluttony on tour: day 6. Providence, RI

We were to meet Patucci and Mark at The Hot Club and needed to kill some time so we drove by my old loft on Pine St.
409 pine
The twin buildings have been converted into "luxury lofts" and the 2700 sq ft full floor spaces have been split into smaller units.
When I moved in in 1979, I had 30 windows that needed reglazing.
my windows looked nothing like this!
We had our rendezvous (no pix) and then eventually made it to dinner at Apsara's, my favorite Cambodian place
Patucci + Mark
nime chow - mmmmm
We ate a lot of dishes but I was in too much of a food coma to take pictures or make note of what we ordered.

Tourist Report: Boston, MA (includes further gluttony)

Despite having lived for four years in Providence, I had never been to the North End. My bad! After our seafood feast, we took a postprandial stroll around.
the exterior of Paul Revere's house
on the Freedom Trail
on the Italian Ice trail
mmmm divinity fudge detour
mission accomplished - lemon ice
We then embarked to Providence.

gluttony on tour: day 6. Neptune Oyster, Boston, MA

I scavenged my breakfast from the hotel's complementary breakfast setup while Severo slept. We then made our way down to Boston for a seafood feast at Neptune Oyster

oyster menu - loved the descriptions
Severo hoists a Kumamoto
lobstah roll
we ordered it hot with just lobster and butter

Severo's "Neptunes on Piggyback"
pulled pork, fried oysters, etc


"I'm with the band" Salisbury Beach, MA

The green room of the Blue Ocean Music Hall was unbelievable!
the green room with a view
preparing for the gig
young fan
Severo in the audience during Blood and Roses
"I'm melting"

Tourist Report: Salisbury Beach, MA

Salisbury Beach is on the North Shore above Boston. I'd say it's the poor cousin of Newburyport. It has a run-down boardwalk vibe with lots of interesting sights.
men in black - Paulie, JK, Severo

my "lemonade" from Joe's Playland was really sour sugar water

Carousel Lounge - Live Entertainment
included an Elvis impersonator working the karaoke station