Sightseeing Report: metropolitan museum, nyc

I went to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen show. Severo had never been, so we wandered around the Egyptian wing a bit before I went to join the line.

graffiti on Temple of Luxor
Severo did not want to wait on the long line for the McQueen show so he went back to the hotel to rest before his gig.
See the McQueen photos and sketches over on SpyGirl
After emerging from the above, I came upon an exhibition of African masks made from modern detritus.
Calixte Dakpogan, Le Gardien
It was a great way to transition into reality.

While looking for the exit, I came upon a youth drawing workshop in the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court. These siblings were very intent in an artist and model scenario, art directing each other.

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