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I took an "Art Quilts" workshop with Lesley two years ago at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program. This article is from her most recent newsletter.
Artist Success Feature Article

How Not To Drown When You're Swimming in a Sea of Ideas

If I had a finished piece for every idea and inspiration I had, I could fill the National Gallery of Art here in DC. I know you can relate. You and I both will always have more ideas than we could ever take action on. And to that I say - HOORAY!
Problems do arise, though, when ideas outweigh time, resources and even space. I've identified the top four:
1. Overwhelm - When there are so many things you want to do you can often end up in overwhelm and do the unthinkable.....nothing.
2. Fear - "What if I start on this one and it doesn't turn out the way I expect. Then I've wasted my precious time and money on materials." So there goes that idea.
3. Regret - "If I work on this one, then I won't be able to work on that one and what if I forget about the other great idea?"
4. Flitting - While working on this really great idea another even greater one pops into your head and you abandon the first and start on the second. Nothing ever gets finished and you end up with a closet full of unfinished projects you have lost interest in.

So what's an artist to do? How do you swim when you are drowning in a sea of ideas?

To save you from one or all of these situations, here are four life preservers I'm tossing out for you:
1. Keep an idea catcher. It is inevitable that you will get many new ideas while you are working. Keep a note or sketchbook by your side so you can jot them down as you go. You'll be amazed at how catching those ideas frees up your attention to focus on the work at hand. P.S. Use your idea catcher 24 hours a day.
2. Work on several things at a time. Who says you can only work on one thing at a time? Ideas need time to percolate, paint needs to dry, workspace shrinks and grows with each project. By having several things in the works at the same time, there's always something to do, even at a moment's notice and even in 5 minute snatches of time.
3. Decide! Keep in mind that it's the journey, not the end-result. Any art you choose to work on contributes to your success as an artist. Whether your reason is to reduce stress or to propose an article to your favorite magazine, knowing why you are making your art gives you purpose and direction and conquers the inertia, fear and regret. You will benefit no matter what your purpose is. The biggest reward is the joy and physical well-being that results from creating.
4. Have a goal in mind. If you don't know where you want to go, you'll never get there. Not knowing why you create can prevent you from creating, even if you have a bazillion ideas. Knowing what you want from your art will help you decide what to work on and why.
P.S. If you want to know what opportunities are available for you or if you know what your goals are but are not sure how to accomplish them, be sure to sign-up for SEEK when you receive your special invitation on July 5th. It's FR*EE and FULL of Solutions, Experience, Expertise and Knowledge to get you on your way.

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more gluttony in venice

We weren't planning on returning to Abbot Kinney Blvd, but that's where we ended up...

Memorial Day, noon: after picking up Severo at LAX, I was craving an Alejo's chopped italian salad, but they were closed. As was the Pasta Factory in Marina Del Rey (same menu). Severo had the brilliant idea to try Lemonade. (Remember we'd had their Lime Bar a few days ago?) Glad!
cafeteria style
the lemonade
severo's blueberry lemonade, my plate
on my plate (clockwise from top)
1) spaghetti squash, farro, pomegranate vinaigrette - meh. too bland.
took home and doctored with feta, onions + basalmic dressing. greatly improved.
2) crunchy cabbage, apple, sunflower seeds, asian vinaigrette - good
3) black kale, shiitaki mushroom, lemongrass, kumquat - YUM! will get again for sure
4) beets, pickled onion, hazelnut vinaigrette - YUM
these are all 1/2 portions

severo's plate
 on severo's plate (clockwise from top)
1) asiago cheese bread
2) orecchiette, asparagus, perlini mozzarella, sorrel vinaigrette - subtle yet good
3) blue lake green beans, caesar dressing - meh. missing "something"
4) brussels sprouts, shaved parmesan, balsamic - tart! too tart!
5) seared ahi tuna, crushed orange ponzu - good, though ponzu too sweet for me
6) avocado, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, lime - YUM! amazingly generous with the avo.
salted caramel "macaroon" - not a macaroon, not really a macaron - more cakey. tasty though
cucumber + mint lemonade - a little too heavy on the cucumber - too vegetably.
did not finish and would not order again
Then we attempted another walk. It turned into shopping. More on that here.