Poetry Reading at LA Artcore

Julienne Johnson hosted a poetry reading, "SPOKEn word & paint"
featuring Peter Frank and Jack Grapes to coincide with the closing of her show at LA Artcore.
Julienne, with her painting Wilusa behind her.
Peter Frank
Jack Grapes
To end the evening, Julienne was surprised with a birthday cake.
Thank you Julienne! Your event was a smashing success! It touched my soul.


Custom "Commuter Quilt" Phone Case

I ordered my "Commuter Quilt" Society6 phone case last week and am quite pleased with the results:
(That's the original art piece in the background). I think I prefer the rich blacks of the print on the case!

Tomorrow I'll be hanging my show, "The Commute"
Check my Instagram @annembray for some "in process" snaps.

The reception will be in two weeks, April 6, 5-8pm.
TAG Gallery 
Bergamot Station,
2525 Michigan Ave, Bldg D3, Santa Monica, CA  90404

Note: I received the artist discount for the phone case. It retails for $35 + shipping.


Scenarios of... FAIL v2

This week's scenario is: You've been lost for three days in the middle of the forest. What's the most important thing you could discover at the bottom of your backpack?
 photo 10c7768d-fcb4-446e-83e2-e362d84a30d9_zpsfe5b7c2d.jpg
NOT a dead cell phone
Yes, it's another month of Scenarios of... Failure.
Last month, I couldn't decide and missed the deadline.
This month, I knew EXACTLY the item -- my solar phone charger.
The problem?
It's lost.
In my house.

So, I've missed the deadline again. It was yesterday.
I'm sharing it on the Flickr Group page anyway.

Here's the "Scenarios of..." general theme verbiage from ArtHouse:
"Just put yourself in this situation... Have you ever been asked to consider what item you would bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island? How about the one object you feel tells your life's story? What about the face you imagine when you hear a certain word?
This week's free project is all about putting yourself in a strange scenario that we've thought up and responding with an image."


FREE SHIPPING on Prints, etc from Society6 until 3/17/13

You will need to click on this special link: http://society6.com/annembray?promo=e16def
It will lead you to my Society6 shop:

Maybe I'll finally get my Commuter Quilt Phone Case:

Promotion expires March 17, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time.
*Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.


An Encyclopedia of... Tools

The Mexican Lime Squeezer. Acquired, 1982 from some market in Mexico.
My collection includes a larger one for lemons, acquired 1990s(?) Olvera St, dtLA.
It's another ArtHouse project, this time about TOOLS! 
I chose my lime squeezer.

There are unlimited submissions allowed, so I may just go a little tool crazy!
Check the "Encyclopedia of..." Flickr Group page to see other submissions.
Or check #encyclopediaof on Twitter.

Here is the official verbiage about the project:
 "A visual collection of tools from around the world
When you think of tools, your mind may go directly to aisle 3 of the local hardware store - but maybe not. 
Tools are tons of things besides hammers, saws, and screwdrivers. 
A tool is any implement we utilize to accomplish tasks.
This entry is under T: Tools
. It could be one you utilize every day or one you don't even know how to use! 
Together, your images will give the pictorial description of this particular subject. 
It's like Wikipedia, but more visual."


Things Found... Under the Bed

An ArtHouse Sketchbook Project:
"The Things Found Series is a free photography series that challenges participants to find something amazing in their everyday spaces.This week, you're asked to have a look in an unlikely place - under your bed. Besides dust bunnies and that sweater you thought you lost last winter, we expect that some of you may be surprised what you find!"

Under my bed (which is a mattress  on the floor) is one of the cleanest places I've seen in our manse.
I found a Getty bookmark, a checkout printout from the Library, and a New Yorker subscription insert.

See other responses on Twitter at #thingsfound
or in the Things Found Flickr group