Scenarios of... FAIL v2

This week's scenario is: You've been lost for three days in the middle of the forest. What's the most important thing you could discover at the bottom of your backpack?
 photo 10c7768d-fcb4-446e-83e2-e362d84a30d9_zpsfe5b7c2d.jpg
NOT a dead cell phone
Yes, it's another month of Scenarios of... Failure.
Last month, I couldn't decide and missed the deadline.
This month, I knew EXACTLY the item -- my solar phone charger.
The problem?
It's lost.
In my house.

So, I've missed the deadline again. It was yesterday.
I'm sharing it on the Flickr Group page anyway.

Here's the "Scenarios of..." general theme verbiage from ArtHouse:
"Just put yourself in this situation... Have you ever been asked to consider what item you would bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island? How about the one object you feel tells your life's story? What about the face you imagine when you hear a certain word?
This week's free project is all about putting yourself in a strange scenario that we've thought up and responding with an image."

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