Jammin with The Glutton

Various jam paintings and prints in my studio: 
3 Peach Marmalade oil on canvas from March 1996 
2 Strawberry oil on canvas from 2002
4 Raspberry digital watercolors on paper from May 2015 
This has been a productive year for my utilization of creative challenges on social media.

An A-Z Blog Challenge lead to a large portion of my recent exhibition at TAG Gallery.
Now I have three pieces in a group show in Claremont that came from an Instagram Challenge.

The challenge is called The 100 a Day Project aka #the100dayProject.
(can't locate source. found it on Instagram)

I decided to do digital watercolors of food using the Waterlogue App, which magically turns photos into paintings.
Little did I know that I would end up doing another series of Jam paintings!

Below are the three that will be in the "All U Can Eat" show, hosted by Bunny Gunner Gallery.
Exhibition is at Garner House Gallery in Memorial Park
840 Indian Hill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711
Hours open: Saturday June 6th 2pm - 10pm and Sunday 12pm - 4pm.
I'll add a Facebook link for the event as soon as it gets posted.

Plus, I made a new batch of models raspberry jam this morning to get another set into work.

Here's a link for my #100daysofGluttony