The Glutton Considers White

I found Lou's lovely blog Littlegreenshed through Jane of Flight Platform Living.
Lou does a weekly link up series called "Nature in the Home" that looked like fun. Before reaching this post, which explains what her theme is about, I started thinking about white (this week's prompt) in my home environment.
White walls, white blinds -- a foil for all my colorful art
The black and white wall
Clockwise from left:
Cidney Hochman
Sandi Haber Fifield
Sterling Chow
Something from nature that's white?
A moonstone pebble,
picked up on a RI beach,
nestled on a scarf
knit by Patucci
Linking up with Nature in the Home, Week 17


Gluttony Noir

Russ and Anita hosted a screening of the original Mildred Pierce last night and The Gluttons were invited. Over on SpyGirl, I go into the details on the ambiance and the colorful guests. Here, our focus is on the food. The desserts, to be more specific.

Mildred supported her family by baking pies, so we were asked to consider bringing one to add to the potluck dinner. Many did:
A potluck line is different when everyone is in period dress:
Watch out!
Baker Mildred is wielding a knife!
Soon a silhouetted figure appeared on the balcony next to the projector:
"It's movie time!"
Outside the manse.
Is a secret weapon nestled in the basket?
Or just a collection of baked goods, purloined from the potluck?
The answer is safe with me, I'll never tell...


FotoSensori Exhibition + Fundraiser, June 1

I'm in an art show tonight!
My parameters were: photography based, themed with the five senses.
Plus I was given about three weeks to complete the work.

4414 West 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90004
6:30 - midnight

additional info after the images
I'll let you guess which represents which sense

Fotosensori is a multi-dimensional photographic show that pushes the boundaries using the theme of the five senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and/or sound. In this collaborative art show, 11 photographers will present work for a one night event. The photographers come from diverse backgrounds and experience.

All proceeds from the show and sold art will fund "FREE ARTS for ABUSED CHILDREN” and art space rental. "FREE ARTS for ABUSED CHILDREN” is a non-profit organization that creates art programs for kids who come from poverty-stricken families with histories of violence, substance abuse, or neglect. The arts serve as a powerful healer for these kids. Funds raise will help create programs in expressive art forms like dance, drama, writing, music, and painting.


Suggested donation of $10-$15 at the door/or donate what you can. After 9pm $15.


Su Pang // Maria Lowenstein // Robin Roemer // Erin Stone // Anne M Bray // Lauren Randolph // Lauren Devon // Liza Ryan // Kevin T Vu // Richard Chow // Madison Ann Parker

Dark Furs // Lonely Trees // Farspeaker.

Abundance and Sirsa will move your feet to electronic, new wave and 80s.

Bling Bling dumplings // Jen's vegan cupcakes.