Gluttony Noir

Russ and Anita hosted a screening of the original Mildred Pierce last night and The Gluttons were invited. Over on SpyGirl, I go into the details on the ambiance and the colorful guests. Here, our focus is on the food. The desserts, to be more specific.

Mildred supported her family by baking pies, so we were asked to consider bringing one to add to the potluck dinner. Many did:
A potluck line is different when everyone is in period dress:
Watch out!
Baker Mildred is wielding a knife!
Soon a silhouetted figure appeared on the balcony next to the projector:
"It's movie time!"
Outside the manse.
Is a secret weapon nestled in the basket?
Or just a collection of baked goods, purloined from the potluck?
The answer is safe with me, I'll never tell...

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