the pilot coffee lid

I-40 AZ, exit 9 is the cheapest gas on I-40 west of Flagstaff. Plus the Pilot Truck Stop is very entertaining (and with all the rest stops closed between Flagstaff and CA, ya gotta stop somewhere). They stock everything imaginable to plug into your DC outlets. Interesting customers that have crawled out of the desert. Truckers with long beards. And then there's the wall of coffee. You must see it to believe it. Sorry, I have no photo for you. What I do have is the cool coffee cup lid. Excellent design. And the coffee tastes great too (I tried Dark Roast).


the driving is done and now it's time to get to work

I apologize to anyone who was hoping to read about my trip here as it happened. I had a whole chain of uploading links that fell apart when Britekite went down (they decided to do a major upgade right in the middle of my trip) (I won't bother to add link because it is down again).
Selected photos are on my Flicker site in a set called "rt Oct 09". That was the easiest solution while "out there".
I am still working on my journal pages and will post those as they get done.
Stay tuned!