A Mini Vacation on the West Side

Severo and I both had two days off. 
We ate well! 

Friday started with getting me new tires. Delicious! (kidding) 
While the car was in the shop, we had breakfast at J Nichols Kitchen (sorry, no photo). Nichols (which is what it used to be called), in Marina Del Rey, used to have a classic diner menu (the meatloaf was awesome). It has recently undergone a rebranding and with that came a whole new Nichols. Breakfast was delicious -- I had a Fried Egg and Arugula Sandwich, Severo had a Cobb  Scramble. Much pricier than the old Nichols, yet delicious. My only question is, NOW where do the seniors go for cheap classic diner food? I guess there's always Cafe 50s. [ps: I checked the dinner menu and the Meatloaf is still there. Granted, it's maybe $9 more than it was on the old menu. Sigh.]

We realized that it was our anniversary -- #18!!!
I've now known Severo longer than the wasbund. Severo for the win!
Cause for continued gluttony (as if we need an excuse)!

After an afternoon of working independently on various projects, we reconvened for dinner at Versailles in Culver City.
We opted for old favorites: Camarones Al Ajillo - Shrimp In Garlic Sauce for me, Rabo Encendido - Oxtail Stew for Severo. 
Thus concludes Friday's repasts. 

Saturday was a late start, Severo had slept in. No problem!
I wanted to go to Earl's Gourmet Grub in Mar Vista. I was hankering for something with lots of greenery and found just that in an A.M. Salad. Severo had Duck Hash. Both were amazing. Coffee came from Venice Grind, which shares a lovely outdoor patio with Earl's. 
After breakfast, we walked over to Mitsuwa and got some Salmon cheeks and bits to grill for dinner. Severo makes a delicious fish marinade with sesame oil, dark soy sauce, ginger, and lots of minced garlic. Mmmmmmmm. 
We had it with rice and a simple salad of lettuce, arugula, and onions.
On the bottom right are two pieces of komochi mamakari [seasoned sardines] -- intense.

The night ended with a DVD of Grand Budapest Hotel. A fun conclusion to two days in our own neighborhood. 
Happy Anne-Severo-sary, my dear!