Lemon Marmalade Recipe

My friend Francis had an abundance of lemons and I happily took a bagful off his hands.
Michael, my Qi Gong teacher, mentioned making lemon marmalade, which I had never considered.
Online explorations delivered the two recipes that I used.
The first is actually the basis for the second.

From the first recipe come the ingredients, it makes a VERY SOUR jam.
10 large lemons will yield approx 13 cups.


  • 10 large lemons
  • 4 cups water
  • 4 cups sugar
So simple!
(What the second recipe will give you is the ratio to use if you have more or less than 10 lemons).
I then went rogue and didn't follow either recipe -- partly because I wasn't paying attention.



1) Quarter and seed lemons (I leave the rind + pith, which is why it's so sour). Chop to 3/4" bits.
Place in food processor and grind to a mash. Chunks are OK.

2) Pour into LARGE sauce pan (I use a stock pot).

3) Add sugar. (I overlooked don't bother to precook the mash).

4) Stir and heat to rolling boil. Be sure to supervise this step.
You don't want the mixture to boil over and get all over the stove. It is no fun to clean. I speak from experience!

5) Reduce heat enough so that the boil is maintained but not so furious that you have to stay in the same room.

6) In 40-60 min, it should start to gel. Avoid overcooking, or it will turn to rubber.
The "spoon test" is the best method to determine gel state if you don't have a candy thermometer.
If you do, cook until it reaches 220°F.

7) Pour into jars and process, store in freezer, or consume.