Clutter Confidential: 3/31 Chaos Into Categories

Today I worked on the heap on the flat files some more.
I didn't want to leave it halfway organized, so I powered through getting items grouped together into categories. Certain rooms are designated for some items, like random art supplies and craft projects will go in the studio, office papers go in the office, etc. 
As I feared, I used up a lot of energy and wasn't good for much else the rest of the day. Oh well.
It's a tidy row of boxes atop the flat files now.

My find for the day was a single Barbie sleeve, from a doll that I designed. 


  1. Great Progress! Youwill have a lot more energy once your surfaces are cleared. Good for you for powering through.

    1. Thanks Alana! It's a tough road with many distractions.