Clutter Confidential: 13/31 A Fine Mess

I had a huge "Aha" moment this morning at 4am as I was waking up.

I have been decluttering the art files at work.

I've been at it for a week now.
We got these crazy art files that need to be made printable on fabric -- reduce the details, in other words.
Clean them up, in other other words! There were twelve, some more crazy than others.
I saved "the best" for last, mainly because it kept making Illustrator freeze up whenever I tried to work with it. I took it home over the weekend (I never take work home, unless I need to make up missed work hours, but this was due Monday afternoon) to try to see if it behaved any better on the computers at Otis. It even crashed there!
Yesterday, it was the last one left. Again with the file freezing. Won't be making that afternoon deadline, now will I?
It was so frustrating, I decided go offsite and return to Otis and DEAL with it. Wrestle it into submission. You WILL be simplified, you crazy file you.

I was at Otis for 3.5 hours.

At 8pm, with no end in sight, dizzy with hunger, I called it a day.
I shall return this morning (after a doctor's appointment detour that will take hours, I'm sure).
I shall conquer this beast.
Those great old myths come to mind (Gilgamesh, et al).
I will don my hero boots (meaning, wield my white selection tool and deploy my pen tool).
Close-up look at the torture -- a 1x1" section. The repeat is about 12x17"
What the Illustrator vectors look like in the same section
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