Clutter Confidential: 31/31 Pause and Reflection

I've come a long way in the living room.
Before the paper tsunami strikes (November I plan to consolidate and sort ALL the piles of paper from ALL the rooms), I'm taking a moment to assess my progress.
From here:
To here:
Yay me!

How did I do with the challenges that helped get me to this point?

Nailed the 31 Days Challenge -- posted every day, sketched on most. :-)
Did not do so well on the social aspects of the challenge -- to read and share other 31 Days bloggers.
Hard to keep up with the blogs I'm already reading, let alone finding new ones to read and leave comments.
Sorry fellow 31 Dayers.

Katie Roger's decluttering e-course 27 days of Feng Shui?
Most importantly, I held myself to her "5 minute" declutter" mandate. Invaluable!
As for the e-course, I got stalled on Day 5. Or maybe it was Day 3. Katie had major closet decluttering early in the course, which I didn't have the space to deal with. (As mentioned, I'll do my papers next. WAY worse than my closet.) I read the emails as they arrived every day and did some of the exercises out of order.

All in all, gamifying the declutter process helped me immensely.
I'm very happy that I'm finally dealing with the mess on a deeper level than my usual "I'll put all these papers in this box and move it into the studio" tactic.
I'll keep you informed on my progress on a (much) more irregular basis. Maybe monthly check-ins?
No more daily sketches -- too much of a onerous task!
Plus, my sketches usually appear on the sketch blog.
(Just keeping things, um, organized!)


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  1. Congratulations of accomplishing the challenge. Your living room looks so much more comfortable.