Clutter Confidential: 1/31 Table of Clutter

My goal this month is to declutter the living room. 
I'm combining a writing challenge at 31 Days with a decluttering e-course to try and get it to happen. I've already made incremental improvement on the coffee table (see how it looked two days ago). Yay me! (To many, I know, this is still a wretched mess.)

Part of the process is setting a timer for 5 minutes and get things more organized within that time frame. Yes, only FIVE! I can declutter for five minutes. During my first session (two days ago), I did a lot of moving objects into the rooms where they belong, putting them in other piles of stuff. The messy bits are everywhere. It seems so hopeless. Aaaaargh! 
Deep breath. 
I'm keeping my focus on the living room. I'll get to the other rooms later. 

I thought it'd be amusing to sketch the next area that I plan to tidy up to keep a visual journal along with the writing. 
I've sketched my clutter before. Maybe I'll have a clutter art show sometime.

During the session, I found an art tool that I'd been looking for! One of my graphite lead holders. It's like a mechanical pencil with bigger lead. This warranted another sketch. 
Mr Lou got really excited by the empty space on the table.
He also had to eliminate his enemy the art tool.
"My work is done. Wait. That marker is mocking me. It must be knocked under the couch."

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  1. Love Mr. Lou! Congratulations! Clutter is hard to deal with--(It's what I'm doing my 31 day series on,too). You will get there! I think you're smartto have a course give you prompts and encourage you.

    1. The course is a GREAT help, Alana. Even though I've fallen WAY behind, I'm still doing my "five minutes minimum" every day. And doing a little every day will eventually get it all sorted.
      Lou is delighting in every new space that gets cleared. Yesterday I found one of his favorite balls. Oh the joy!