Gluttony Weekend

Art shows, music shows, and copious amounts of food. It was a glutton trifecta!
Following is an overview. 

Met up with Ruth in downtown LA. 
We attended a curatorial walk-through of the current exhibit at A+ D Museum, Come In! DTLA (up until 6/23/16).
Chris Francis, Jessica Fleischmann, and Lawrence Azerrad spoke about their installations. 
Chris Francis with his collection of Brutalist shoes.
Jessica Fleischmann with her interactive books of grid chips.
Lawrence Azerrad and his work for LAD Design.
Afterwards, we had dinner at Hodori.
The sides to our Korean dinner. Good thing we didn't crack the egg -- it was for Ruth's bowl of soup to be cooked in the broth.

Picked up Severo at LAX. He was hungry.  We went to Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood. 
Mac and Cheese, Black-eyed Peas on Rice,  Pork Chops for him.
Meatloaf, Corn and Okra, Steamed Cabbage for me.
Fortified, we sallied on to Claremont to deinstall #myshittycommute
Kelly showed up!

[3 weeks later] Did we eat dinner? I don't remember!
I know we had delicious baked goods that Severo scavenged in Claremont from Some Crust Bakery.
That night we went to the Cinema Bar to see Adam Marsland and the Chaos Band.
They played 3 sets, the final one a 10-song tribute to Prince.

Sunday, two things on the agenda: 
1) Squeeze in a Pinoy Brunch at Chef Mayet's pop-up at The Point (sadly, Bobby Bognar's swan song for the venue). 
2) Smithereens gig at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano.

The Brunch:
Severo and The Menu
Bobby delivering the goodness.
What we ate.
The Coach House:
Leslie dancing up a storm.
The view from stage left.
Whew. I needed another weekend to recover from the weekend.