My Most Easy Recipe

I call it the Hong Kong Scramble.

First, the backstory...
Dec 2003-Jan 2004. I was visiting Lisa in Hong Kong. She had a Nike Design HK contract job, staying at a long-term hotel with a double bed. She was lonely, and had a large meal stipend. All I had to pay for was my flight and any additional shopping (all, she says, haha).
The room came equipped with a microwave and mini-fridge. We usually had dinner leftovers.

Lisa went to work fairly early and I loved waking up slowly, sipping TenRen Tung-ting Oolong tea and looking out the window at the fabulous view.
I would make a super simple breakfast adding an egg to the leftovers. Indian Curries were especially accepting to this method.

Hong Kong Scramble

  1. Put stewy leftovers in a bowl (curries, rajas, mash potatoes, creamed spinach, etc).
  2. Stir in an egg or two.
  3. Cook in microwave for 1 minute. 
  4. Remove, stir again.
  5. Cook for another 30 seconds+ (as needed)
  6. Enjoy!
Here's a Hong Kong traffic movie to watch while you eat your scramble:

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Social Distance Picnic in Ojai

Anita, Severo, and I took a field trip to Ojai, for fresh air and hiking. (Hike link).
Then, naturally, we were hungry.

Originally, we were planning to go further north to Santa Barbara and get takeaway from La Super Rica. Sadly, LSR is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (thanks COVID), so we scrambled for an alternate. I had assigned Severo Yelp duty, but all he fixated on was finding Rajas con Crema, which he found, in Oxnard - no help.
I advocated for a picnic in Libbey Park and we ended up finding some delicious food at The Nest.
We ordered off the (limited) online menu, waited under a shady oak, then took our lunches to the park.
Anita sat at a separate table to social distance.
Our food:
greens, crispy capers, sourdough croutons, pickled onion, soft boiled egg + almond caesar dressing

maple, apple cider vinegar, dijon, hemp seeds + sunflower seeds

pork belly, fermented chile aioli, pickled veggies, serrano, green onion, cilantro + squid ink buns
It was delicious! And the park was so peaceful!


Korean-Style Meatloaf

This is an adaptation of Kay Chun's Meatball recipe for NY Times Cooking (my favorite online recipe source. No ad overload!)
Meatball photo as placeholder
Korean Barbecue-Style Meatloaf
Heat oven to 350 degrees

  • 1 pound ground beef (round or chuck)
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 cup chopped scallions
  • 2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt - omit if using regular soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • ½ cup breadcrumbs or panko
  • 2 tb sesame oil
  • 3 tb ground garlic/ginger stuff
  • 2 tb gochujang [didn't have yet]
  • 2 tb siracha
  1. Grease a loaf pan with cooking spray
  2. In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients, gently mix.
  3. Shape the meat into the pan.
  4. Bake until interior reaches 160ยบ about 40 minutes.