Apricot/Mango "Freezer"Jam

Recipe proportions:

3 c total mashed fruit (can be combination of apricot, mango, peach, nectarine)
6 c sugar
1/4 c lemon juice
2 pouches Certo liquid pectin

Follow instructions on included recipe sheet
yield: 8-9 8oz jars

This is an uncooked recipe -- jam will keep for 1 year in freezer



The Enabler went a bit nuts at the 99¢ Only Store:

We're wondering if Today's Toblerone tastes the same as in The Olde Days...

We were alarmed to see that Kraft now distributes the chocolate. Did they just buy the company or have they changed the recipe to be more cost-effective? The package says still made in Switzerland.

The Enabler thought there was less nougat. Me, my tastes have gone "darker" since my high school years (when I would polish off a bar in one sitting). It tasted like Hershey's milk chocolate to me (not that great).



sweet rose creamery

The Enabler took a field trip to a new creamery that opened in Brentwood:

Ice cream is his weakness -- resistance was futile!
He got a pint of caramel to go ($8.00 egad). Caramel is his favorite flavor.
I sampled some and at the first lick, it reminded me of something... something... something...
I couldn't put words to the taste, needed a second spoonful... something from the past...
AHA! burnt marshmellows!
This is the first time caramel anything has evoked such a memory -- but we still like Bi-Rite's salty caramel better.