Clutter Confidential: 27/31 Mystery Grab Bag

A bag of random stuff.
I thought it had come from the van. (which died in 2007 or so).
I did a "What's In My Bag?" type layout as I unpacked it:
Oh! It's mostly stuff from the fridge gallery!
I integrated the appropriate items back into the collection.
I started a "real size" sketch of the fridge years ago. Too daunting.
This smaller one from 2010 is sweet:
Anne M Bray, Fridge, Ink/paper, 6 x 4" ©2010

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  1. I love refrigerator magnets! I don't have nearly as many as you, but I do have a nice little collection...a couple from each of my grandmothers' refrigerators too. :) We just had to replace our fridge, so mine is naked right now. Haven't had time to put everything back in its place. It was fun to find a couple of drawings my niece had done for me though, and a picture or two that had been buried. Popped in from 31 day FB page. Have a fantastic Thursday!