Clutter Confidential: 8/31 Fabricating the Declutter

Slowly working my way through the messy corner in front of the "media center".
I reviewed the pile of papers for shredding.
Actual shredding didn't happen, but I did move the papers over next to the machine.

I spent more time with the fabrics.
I measured and shot photos of the pieces I'm liberating.
I'll work up a post on my textile blog in case anyone is interested in them.
Thinking $5 each, to cover postage.

Gradually, the area is getting better.
Tomorrow, the pile of tissue and wrapping paper seems like an  obvious (and not emotionally laden) place to work on.
The "[Daniel] Smith Inc" box in the foreground is full of art slides. Old technology.
Do I toss them? Make some sort of art thing?

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  1. I get insecure once I can see the carpet, have you seen the cat lately ?

    1. Haha Kate. He's been enjoying the cleared spaces!

  2. I'd let the slides go. That's what I'm going to tell my Mom when we find hers--except, maybe, the ones of her wedding to my Dad. The photos were black and white--but the slides were in colour.