The Glutton Considers White

I found Lou's lovely blog Littlegreenshed through Jane of Flight Platform Living.
Lou does a weekly link up series called "Nature in the Home" that looked like fun. Before reaching this post, which explains what her theme is about, I started thinking about white (this week's prompt) in my home environment.
White walls, white blinds -- a foil for all my colorful art
The black and white wall
Clockwise from left:
Cidney Hochman
Sandi Haber Fifield
Sterling Chow
Something from nature that's white?
A moonstone pebble,
picked up on a RI beach,
nestled on a scarf
knit by Patucci
Linking up with Nature in the Home, Week 17


  1. Love your pebble - what a good idea. I was trying to think of something other than a flower for a change but couldn't think of anything. Never thought about lovely stones.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I can't have many flowers or plants indoors because of my cats. Just kitty grass, alas.
      I have a little treasure trove of garnets that I harvested from a creek in SC, would have been perfect for RED, but I got distracted. Oh well.

  2. oooo how exciting you found lou through me!!! how lovely of you to say so and i love your pebble! It's beautiful xxxxxxx

    1. Yes Jane, I love following internet trails -- I make the best discoveries! xxox