An Encyclopedia of... Tools

The Mexican Lime Squeezer. Acquired, 1982 from some market in Mexico.
My collection includes a larger one for lemons, acquired 1990s(?) Olvera St, dtLA.
It's another ArtHouse project, this time about TOOLS! 
I chose my lime squeezer.

There are unlimited submissions allowed, so I may just go a little tool crazy!
Check the "Encyclopedia of..." Flickr Group page to see other submissions.
Or check #encyclopediaof on Twitter.

Here is the official verbiage about the project:
 "A visual collection of tools from around the world
When you think of tools, your mind may go directly to aisle 3 of the local hardware store - but maybe not. 
Tools are tons of things besides hammers, saws, and screwdrivers. 
A tool is any implement we utilize to accomplish tasks.
This entry is under T: Tools
. It could be one you utilize every day or one you don't even know how to use! 
Together, your images will give the pictorial description of this particular subject. 
It's like Wikipedia, but more visual."

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