Gluttony in Chinatown [this post not for vegetarians]

Roxanne and I had a long draining day at Norris Keck Hospital.
A little gluttony in Chinatown was just what the doctor ordered!

We were apprehensive that, it being the Friday before Chinese New Year, it was going to be crazy. Not at all! When we saw all the available street parking, we knew it would be OK. While walking up Ord Street, we saw a busload of Chinese entering CBS Seafood. Most auspicious!
tanks of dinner await
the pictorial dim sum menu for us guilaos
pig delivery!!!!!!!
salted pepper shrimp -- my favorite
Roxanne saw the neighboring table with this, so we got it too:
crab with green onions and garlic
baby bok choi in garlic -- so cute and easy to pop in one's mouth!
shrimp dumpling with with leek
we are very happy!

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