Veggies From Market To Table

Lots of greens from the Mar Vista Farmers Market!
I used the Kale on left.
I started with sauteing Shishito Peppers from Mitsuwa in olive oil + garlic.
While that was cooking, I washed, scrubbed and chopped the beets.
gorgeous beets
Beets cut into pieces, TJ olive oil spray on roasting tray.
Roasted in toaster oven (regular oven is broken) on 450.

Next prepped Kale:
Kale -- rinsed, stems and large ribs removed, somewhat chopped
Peppers done, used same pan (with existing oil + garlic bits).
Sauteed covered until cooked.
Beets, done.
Sorry, no cooking times on any of this.
From the time stamps on the photos, it took about an hour total from washing the veggies to eating them.

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