gluttony in Venice

It all started with a craving for the Abbot's Pizza "salad slice"
under all the greenery lies pizza crust slathered with a creamy dill dressing
we also got a Bianca and a Popeye's (spinach)
Abbot's claim to fame is a "Bagel" crust

Then we went on a walk...
Down the block was the Border Grill foodtruck
Severo perused the menu (he is ALWAYS doing this, even if we're stuffed. He stores the info for future use in his databank brain). The poblano quesedilla with 3 cheeses and the potato rajas taco caught his attention. I liked the sound of the green corn tamale "cone"
Guess what:
We attempted more walking. "Let's go down to the light."
On the corner was Lemonade, a place we've both driven by many times but had never gone to. "Let's see what's in there." (oh no) (oh yes)
From the looks of it from the street, we both thought Lemonade was a snacky sort of place that featured lemonade drinks. We were mistaken. They had a nice-looking array of salads and baked goods. We had a long debate over what to get for dessert (Severo wanted to not decide and get two - I nixed that idea). The winner we took home to our lair:
looks like soylent green!
The Lime Bar. Delicious. We added whipped cream - just because.
(Didn't notice until now that all the pix have metal surfaced backgrounds. Interesting)

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