termite attack!

I made an alarming discovery today.
I was gathering up work to take to the framer. One was an older piece, stored in a black cardboard portfolio on top of my red bookcase.

Upon close inspection, I noticed a perfect round hole in the foreground area of the piece

How did THAT get there?
I looked further and the ENTIRE portfolio had been bored with the same perfect hole:

Under the portfolio was a pad of newsprint

Oooooooh, termite candy.

Guess it's time to get the (metal) flat files that I bought last year functional. (Moved off the back patio and into the house)

What did I do about the hole? For this drawing, I'm chopping off 2" from the bottom. Re-signed it (but am retaining the hole + old signature under the mat). Some of the others have the hole in the middle. Not sure what to do with those yet...


  1. Termite Art?!
    I hope they are not eating the frame of your house, as well as your work for the art framer...
    I have just battled my way through Ant Troy, (Ant Carthage?) trying to repack dishes for my daughter. The Ants had colonized heavily, throughout the old newsprint wrappings. It was a bit of a slaughter.