awesome oatmeal

I have come up with an oatmeal recipe that I'm happy with.

I use Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats
because they have more "tooth" 
the recipe works fine for rolled oats too 
oats, almond torani syrup, raw slivered almonds, dried tart cherries
makes 4 servings
use a large saucepan

1 cup oats
3 cup water
some salt
about 1/3 cup cherries (or other dried fruit)

put water + salt in pan and bring to boil
add oats, stir, lower heat to simmer
add cherries
simmer for 20 min uncovered, stirring occasionally

divide into 4 bowls

embellish with sweetner of choice, milk, nuts and coconut
(I am especially fond of the cherry/raw almond/ almond syrup combo)

tip: when cooking for one, divide the extra servings into containers and save for later. reheats in microwave nicely

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