gluttony in portland: day 5

Saturday. We got to LUCE early! Yay!
getting ready for more creative business work
At lunchtime, we were forced outside for some air and pizza was ordered. Lisa and I wandered the neighborhood, window shopped and returned to ransacked pizza boxes with not much remaining. Oh well.
More work ensued,
1:1s with Erin,
and killing time at Matador...
3 tomatoes: ketchup, salsa, juice
2 starches: fries, chips
Lisa: "What do vegans taste like?"
Anne: "Chicken"
until we reconvened at Navarre for wine...
eating, drinking, making merry
pickle plate, ken's bread, radishes
radishes w/french butter
fava shoots (I would have liked them better braised), pear, cheese
and dinner
menu like a questionaire
"bird" haha
thus concluded our ACE Camp experience.
But wait! The gluttony is not over!

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