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My cousin Lisa asked me: "I've been wanting to ask you about how one sells their photography." As if I knew! Rather than answering her privately, I thought I'd share my thoughts and then you, dear reader, may chime in on the comments at the end if you so desire.

this is one of Lisa's photos
I swiped it off her FB page
lovely, don't you think?
1) I have a website: annembray.com (since 1998)
It functions as more of an online portfolio of my roadscapes but I HAVE made a few sales from it

social media sites

2) I have a flickr page (2007)
I prefer posting here to FB. Anyone can view the work. A good place for showcasing work if you aren't ready to do a web page.

3) Blogs. Lots of blogs! Sketches and Impressions was the first (2008). This one came next (2009). Also started in 2009 are Pattern Recognition (surface design) and Cupcake Safari (all things cupcake). In 2010 came SpyGirl (fashion) which has totally taken over my attention. It seems there IS a fashion designer within me after all -- when I design for MYSELF!
Have I sold anything from the blogs? Probably not. They have been a great way to meet like-minded souls and a fun way to talk about my process.

4) Facebook (2009?)
I feed my blog posts through FB. Many friends won't bother checking the blogs but will read them from FB. Have made sales from this linkage.

5) Twitter (2010?) @annembray
I felt like I had to. I feed lots of stuff through it (Pinterest, Instagram, blog posts) but rarely go there and use it. Sales? Doubtful

online retail

6) Society6 (2010)
I am VERY happy with this site. All I have to do is upload my image files, enter info and decide on prices. They print, collect $$, ship. One drawback: I don't know who purchased stuff (unless they contact me). Can feed new uploads to Facebook. Yes, sales. This might be a good one for you to try, Lisa.

7) Cargoh (2011)
I was all ready to start posting inventory on Etsy when I met Cariann, who developed Cargoh along the same model as Etsy with the enhancement that she curates who can sell. So I went with Cargoh. No sales yet, but I've hardly uploaded anything and I've only had my shop for 11 days. Can feed new uploads to Facebook. Lisa, another one to try if you'd rather do your own printing + shipping. Or Etsy.

WARNING: DO NOT get involved with any retail site that requires a fee upfront. They are after your money, not looking to sell for you.


Getting into shows is of course the traditional path of sales. I've been a member of TAG Gallery for 13 years. I usually exhibit every year. This year I sold six things. Last year I sold two. The year before nothing.
When I declared myself a fine artist for the second time (1993), I entered lots of juried shows. Good exposure and a few sales. I also did local art fairs. Those are great for finding out what people respond to. I did very well at some, no sales at others. It all seems to be very hit or miss. Then again, I don't relentlessly market myself and I'm not in a commercial gallery.
For photography, I suggest reading LENSCRATCH. Aline has an Exhibition Opportunities section as well as many interesting posts. Hello my photographer readers - this is where your comments on other sites to visit, etc will be most helpful for Lisa!

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  1. nice tips.i had been using blogs and flicker page for marketing and sales purposes.. post free classified