gluttony in portland: day 3

Thursday in Portland started out slowly - Lisa needed to sleep in! Fine by me.
When we finally got moving, we started with a late breakfast at Tasty n Sons
chocolate donut hole!
egg on grilled + parmaseaned asparagus + bacon
Next, we shopped the neighborhood. Some cool shops!
[Shopping report will be on SpyGirl eventually.]

On to downtown Portland.
Lisa had to submit some paperwork at work. I waited in the lobby and amused myself.
Next we worked our way over to the Ace Hotel to meet our fellow ACE Campers (no affiliation). Of course we were late (this became a running gag for a while) so we missed our goodie bags. Drat! We all walked over to the Nines Hotel, to have cocktails in the atrium.
the gals
We grazed on appetizers and got to know one another.
warmed olive with lemon zest. mmmmmm
After a thwarted attempt at having dinner at the food trucks (they were closed), Lisa and I went home to a Tim dinner.
Thus concludes day 3.

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