gluttony in portland: day 2

Day 2 in Portland was a frenzy of eating, lurking and shopping. Plus a Vietnamese dinner.

We started the day with a power breakfast of hearty oatmeal and Lisa's Vitamix blended fruit drink (mmmmmm) (No pix, sorry). I think I have to get one of those mixers. An easy and delicious way to get the five fruits/veggies servings into my diet.

Lisa walked me from her office to Powell's so I'd get my bearings. En route, she got some coffee at Pearl Bakery

and I got a macaroon
I forgot I had this and carried it around all day.
Happily discovered it around 4:30pm while sitting in Lisa's office.
I planted myself in the Powell's cafe with cafe au lait and a scone, hoping to use the free wi-fi.
No luck. So I sketched instead.
I thought it was amusing that they shelved the romance novels in the cafe. Even more titillating were the SPORTS THEMED novels I discovered while drawing.
that Kate Angell - what a concept!
By then, it was lunch time. Yay!
We went to Fong Chong in Chinatown for dim sum. It was OK, but we've both had better.
I spent the afternoon wandering between Lisa's office and Powell's. I explored some of the art galleries and saw a fantastic weaving exhibition at at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. I wrote all about it here. My obsession with felt began at the museum as well. More on that later elsewhere.
I started hyperventilating in the fiction stacks at Powell's. It was like being in my fantasy library full of books that I WANTED TO READ vs the sad assortment I usually find in the Venice or Mar Vista branches of the LA Library. Sigh. They had funny displays throughout of pulp fiction. I took lots of photos and purchased this one:

"An Eye-Opening Novel of Violence in Texas"
So much stimulation made me tired. I considered laying down on a park bench and napping like a bum but decorum prevailed. I returned to Lisa's office and hung out while she went to meetings and did other work stuff.
This got us to... DINNERTIME!

My last visit to Portland (in 2005), we'd eaten at Pho Van. I wanted a return visit to have the whole roasted Catfish (Ca Nuong) again.

So we did.
the embellishments
the fish
A perfect way to end the day.
(more pix here)

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