Tourist Report: Travel by Bus

I needed to get from Providence, RI to Utica, NY and was too cheap to rent a car.
Bus or train? Train would have been nice, but I would have had to take a bus anyway to Springfield. And Greyhound lured me with "free WiFi" on their website.
Bus! $70.

The first leg I had to go in the wrong direction from Providence to Boston. I rode Peter Pan.
They give the buses names.
Who the heck is Rufio?
The Wifi was excellent. I got some blogging done.
Boston South Station, next leg to Albany + Utica.I got there early (caught an earlier bus, thank goodness).
snagged a sad sandwich
the line for Albany got really long
my seat was behind the driver and cramped
in Albany I was able to change seats, less cramped

barge canal
upstate NY vista
All in all, it was an OK ride. I didn't have to schlep my heavy suitcase too much, good. Disappointed by the feeble WiFi between Boston + Utica.

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