From Farm to Jar: A Cross Continental Odyssey

This is a story of how berries from Dempsey Farms of St. Helena's Island, SC 
journeyed to western Los Angeles to become awesome Strawberry Jam.
The U-Pick strawberry field.
Severo gets his bag and bucket for picking.
Into the field with Mom and Severo.
Severo and his first berry.
Severo in the field.
I refused to pick berries. I sketched Severo in action instead.
Another action sketch.
"I'm done."
Hulling the berries for that night's Strawberry Shortcake and for freezing.
For freezing, berries are spread on a tray. After they are frozen, they are packed in a zip-lock bag.
During our trans-continental flight, the berries thawed, so I made Strawberry Freezer Jam.
THREE batches! So yummy!

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