Glutton Weekend

It all started Friday night. I got home late and it smelled funky in the house.
Oh yeah! The ramps from my cousin had arrived! Woohoo! 
They were quarantined in the patio fridge for the night.

Unwrapping the ramp (wild leek, wild onion) goodness
Chopped and sprinkled over a plain scrambled egg
 Next, dealing with a bag of blood oranges languishing in the veg drawer:
So pretty!
Marmalade. Recipe here.
Severo had Sunday off. Yay!
I had to deploy the roasting chile aroma alarm to wake him up.
Homemade Migas! I made the beans too.
 We were amply fortified to face shopping the Mar Vista Farmers' Market
What makes Severo cheery? A well-placed typo!
Gorgeous onions. Didn't get.
 There were lots of pinatas displayed in the booths.
Photo op!
Strawberries on his mind.

Do we get Gaviotas?
or Albions?
 Which is better?
We preferred the Albions in a bite by bite test.
So juicy and sweet.


  1. If we had fortified ourselves an hour earlier, we would've made it to our farmer's market today. Another week of scrambling for veggies at the supermarket. Albion strawberries are the yummiest so far. We bought two plants the other day. It already produced a gorgeous berry that we ate in the parking lot.

    1. Mmmmmmm strawberries...
      Apologies for the long delay in responding. Missed the notification!