Gluttony in NYC, Day 2

It was just the two of us, Manhattan as our oyster, on our second day in the city.

We started with dessert-for-breakfast from William Greenberg Desserts,
within walking distance of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I was determined to see China: Through the Looking Glass and was pleased that Severo was willing to join me.
We scarfed down our goodies as the line became longer and longer.
The China show was AMAZING (seven posts about it on SpyGirl) and then we walked the John Singer Sargent show, also incredible.
I find Sargent's painting style very inspiring.
John Singer Sargent, Mrs. Hugh Hammersley, Oil on canvas, 1892
I was so preoccupied with the exhibitions, I lost track of the fact that I went for four hours fueled by only one coffee and one hamentashen. Needed food, STAT.

What better cure for my hunger pangs than some New York style thin crust pizza,
from our favorite place: Pizza Suprima at 31st and 8th.
Ahhhh. Relief.

I was then fortified to take on more sock shopping at Jack's.
Severo shopped vicariously through me.
Severo loves a good bargain.

After all that excitement, naps were needed.
And dinner:
Lobster Roll, Lobster Elote, Salad, Lobster Mac-n-Cheese, at Red Hook Lobster Pound

And dessert at M'o Il Gelato:
Mango Sorbetto, Limone Sorbetto, random cookies

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