A Painting of a Gravel Pit

Sunset over Gravel Pit, © 2007, oil/canvas, 36 x 60"
I was thinking about this painting the other morning as I drove into work.
It's not in my current show (due to size constraints) but is certainly part of my Commute series
I painted it six years ago, during a two-week workshop entitled Painting's Edge, held at Idyllwild Arts. The program was sort of a mini MFA course created by Roland Reiss. There were nightly slide lectures with visiting artists and critics, and one-on-one critiques during the day. And we painted.

[see lots more Painting's Edge photos on my Flickr here]
This coming July, I'm going up to art camp in Idyllwild again. This time I'm taking a figurative painting class with Rebecca Campbell. She gave me some great advice when I met with her back in 07. A week of painting! Can't wait!

Meanwhile, almost 700 people came to our TAG reception last Saturday -- it was insane!

Elsie Sims, Elyse Wyman and I will be discussing our art with TAG director Laura Korman this coming Saturday at 5:30.
If you're in Santa Monica, please come join us!

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  1. One day I will get to Idyllwild for a creative workshop! It sounds like a beautiful little spot to create.