Happy Anniversary My Love!

15 years together! WOOHOO!!!!
here we are eating Zankou
in the back seat of my car
before going to a gig
at the Rhino pop-up last June
us, in a nutshell
we met at this CG gig at Checca
we got to know each other during Poptopia
two weeks later
on Valentine's Day, you wooed me
with a weekend at the Bonaventure
and dinner in Chinatown
(because Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena was
just A BIT too crowded)
in March, you flew me to my first SXSW festival
here, Beatle Bob clearly wins the pattern mixing award
I love getting to go backstage with you
(here, ten eyes at House of Blues)
watching you play
traveling to exotic destinations
dressing up and going out
meeting your alter ego Maurie
having fun in photoshop
Here's to fifteen years of adventures and many more to come! Mwah!

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