Gluttony on Tour: Day 1 -- Pies-n-Thighs

We high-tailed it to Brooklyn for breakfast.

Our favorite breakfast spot in Williamsburg:
You may remember that I hung out here for hours
last summer

"Fish & Grits" for two!

Funny mug graphic.
Oslo Roasters coffee. More on them later...

We sat right next to the dessert case.
This became a problem...
We immediately got these three donuts to go,
plus six molasses cookies
Breakfast! Finally!


Free donut holes.
Why they thought we needed these, I don't know.
Saved for later.
Next, it was time for pie. Decisions, decisions...

key lime

banana cream

chocolate pudding

peanut butter

coconut macaroon

compressed coconut flake crust (with eggwhite binder?)
chocolate glaze
vanilla cream
chocolate covered almonds
After all of that, a walk was in order.

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