rose petal "freezer" jam

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I love to add a large spoonful to plain yogurt - YUM 

recipe from:  recipegal.com (url no longer active) 
Yield: about 3.5 cups 

1 c fresh rose petals (must never have been sprayed with any chemicals)
3/4 c water
juice of one lemon (no substitutes)
2 1/2 c cane sugar
1 pouch Certo pectin

In blender -- puree petals, water + lemon (be sure to put lid on blender)
Slowly add sugar, stirring as you add
Add pectin, blend for about 1 minute
Pour into clean jars quickly (it sets up fast)
Let set for 6 hours

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  1. DAMN just one cup of petals! That's about all i'm going to get any one year from this bush, but they are killer. And you are a swell pal!