Consider the Dragon Fruit... or Not

Mr Glutton brought home an "unaesthetic" dragon fruit that wasn't nice enough to justify the $5.99 price tag at his day job.
(It would have gone to the trash, so he "diverted" it to his pocket).
The Google says it's supposed to taste like the intersection of a pear and a kiwi.
It does not.
At least this example didn't.
It tasted like nothing and left a unpleasant aftertaste.

Sure is pretty on the inside, though!
Maybe it was overripe.


  1. sad to read it. I love dragonfruits. I wouldn't say it reminds me of pear but kiwi is close enough (but a lot more sweet) and it refreshes you nicely in hot.may it was this particular dragonfruit or may be it just needs vacation to be loved

    1. Ha. Love the idea of giving the dragon fruit a vacation. I'll take your word that it was an inferior specimen. How it LOOKS I find inspiring -- I'm going to use it somehow!